You can check the support project and event schedule conducted by the Hanseo Design Convergence Center.


You can check the projects (products, visuals, prototypes, etc.) that were carried out by the Hanseo Design Convergence Center.


You can inquire about various estimates such as design development, equipment use, prototype production, etc. at the Hanseo Design Convergence Center.


You can check the way to the Hanseo Design Convergence Center.

The Hanseo Design Convergence Center provides services that can solve all processes from Idea-sketch to post-processing to Prototype through digital tasks at once. In particular, we pursue a design that can stimulate consumers’ emotions through various post-processing (surface processing design).

This enables fast information sharing and effective communication, which supports color printing and studio filming services needed for the design process with a one-stop service system to build a complete network for industry-academic cooperation, and development of small and medium-sized business designs

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