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“The 21st century which began its journey as an era of knowledge and information is now transforming itself into an era of creativity, where creative cultural and artistic business will be even more appreciated and valued. In the upcoming society of creativity, the power of design directly impacts the business competitiveness.

Designs that do not consider human emotions are more likely to be shunned by consumers. Hanseo Design Convergence Center (HSDCC) is a professional design center with an edge, providing a one-stop service from a thorough analysis, design development, production, through to follow-up management. HSDCC continues its research to deliver an output ultimately fit for the customer needs in the field of product and visual design. As indicated in our philosophy, HSDCC pursues the realization of shared growth and contribute to regional development, rather than to focus only on its external growth, by actively communicating with customers while boosting its own design power.

Creativity, rationality, and professionalism are the three ideals of design management. Based on these ideals, HSDCC aims to re-solidify its basic management philosophy of being “fair, sincere, and future-oriented” and fulfill its role as the “design center that creates products for humans.” Through continuous analysis, research, and development on the product surface design, HSDCC will create a highly-valued design for customers, and take a leap forward to move to the center stage of the design industry.