[ Introduction ]


Hanseo Design Convergence Center (HSDCC) of Hanseo University is a specialized design research institute established as part of the design foundation construction project implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. HSDCC was built with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Chungcheongnam-do Province, Seosan City, and Hanseo University.

HSDCC provides a one-stop digital design service by which all the product design processes from the idea sketch, design modeling, to post-treatment (surface treatment design) can be done as a single spot. In particular, by enabling a range of surface-treatment designs, we pursue to achieve designs that can stimulate the sensibility of consumers. HSDCC has put in place an innovative research system to contribute to the spread of the Design Digital Process. We also collaborate with the integrated support system (HR/R&D/Product/Start-up/Distribution) to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a one-stop solution spanning from designing, 2D/3D rendering, to design modeling. For the design industry itself or design companies, HSDCC offers a training and consulting service by running programs such as the innovative design research course, the course on new design technologies, etc.


Design Service/Research/Training


HSDCC supports SMEs in their innovative product development process. By doing so, it helps to create new value for the customers’ products and ultimately maximize their profits.

Creating Value for Customers

(Value for Customer)

The three major functions of HSDCC, Service, Research, and Training, work in turn in order to carry out its organization social mission

Global HSDCC  

(HSDCC Global Project)

HSDCC will strive to become an international design center by establishing branch offices in Los Angeles, USA and Hubei, China, based on its customer/business experience in Korea.