[ R&D Area ]

R&D Area

We provide full support for the entire product development process; the elements of the shape/surface quality of the product are identified, and the design is verified by the user so that the surface treatment design desired by the user can be promptly and effectively reflected in the product. We support:

  • A design delivery process by which a design desired by the user is fully reflected from the design stage to the production stage
  • Production of the surface treatment design prototypes for the application of the surface treatment design.
  • A range design approaches by building a design form generation system.
  • Manufacture of the desired products by establishing a quantitative evaluation system for the design modeling/surface quality factors.
  • A design specification consistency solution, from the product design stage to the production stage; a system that links/applies the design specifications data for the product surface design

Design One-Stop Service

R&D Status with Achievements

  • Design works: Developed/created 230 designs including the one for DMTCH 2.5′ PMP (portable media player)
  • IP Rights: 13 patent pending, 13 patents registered, 140 designs pending, and 140 design registered
  • Training, Seminars, and Exhibitions: 138 times (hosting or participation)
  • Equipment/Facilities: 73 sets in place
  • Library (domestic/foreign design-related materials): 13 periodicals, 466 books, 8 translated books
  • PR activities: 8 publications, PR video clips (3ea), official website in 3 languages ​​(Korean, Chinese, and English)
  •  Establishment of the Design One Stop Service System
  • Establishment of the product surface-treatment system