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Care Device Case

Water Type Water Heater

Buoy to Respond Marine Air Pollution

Smart Flowerpot: Module Speaker

Container Design

Air Purifier

Mugcup Warmer

Aseptic Medical Equipment

Cat Wheel

Information Collect Accessories

Sea Cucumber Stick

Cryo Therapy Machine

Depression Care Device

Medical Center

Flower Tea Package

Smart Cart

Cat Scratcher

Water purifier

Smart Flowerot

Aquatic Products Package Design

Cryo Theraphy

Body Dryer

Cat Wheel

Cat Wheel

Information Reserch Device For Cat

Portable Water Heater

3D Print Education

Navigation For Smart Cart

Fruit Soju Package Design

PBC Control Module

Wind Power Controller

Desk Multi-Air Purifier

Smartphone Mount For Car

Bottle sterilizer

Bicycle Accessories Package

Bicycle Accessories

Water Band

Umbrella Dryer

Baseball Swing Analyzer


Smart Rice Cooker

Wheelchair (Korea Sports Weelchair)

Microcurrent Mask


Unmanned Ship Controller


Gudied Robot

Smart Cart Console

Torque-Type Cycle

Jellyfish Eradication Buoy

Portable Book Stand

Golf Gloves Box Package

Torque-Type Cycle

Golf Head

Hydrogen Water Supply

Cooking Tools For The Disabled

Interior Design

Cosmetic Bottle Package

Korean Language Education Products

Low Frequency Therapy Needle

Cosmetic Bottle

Building Design

Unite Parts

Battery Pouch


Smart Farm

LED Mirror


Cat Tower

Sports Equipment Frame

Cosmetic Bottle Package

Nucleic Acid Extractor

Sports Equipment: Power Moment

Food Processor

Potable Hydrogen Water Supply

Remote Control

Parking Drone

Braille pad

Children’s Funiture

Cooking Tools For The Disabled

Interior Design

Korean Language Education Products

Mercury Removal Tube: P.S Patch

Multi Tab

Smart Watch


Life Guard

Exhibition Stand

Golf Head


For an accurate quotation, accurate data should be provided. The production costs may vary according to the following factors.
– Equipment operation time
– Materials to be consumed
– Labor costs
– The production period

These factors are largely affected by the desired level of quality. Even when some products in the same shape are made, the costs may vary depending on the required level of quality and the production period.

Hanseo Design Convergence Center (HSDCC)